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Telephone: 404.869.6312
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Our Services

Bryant & Associates provides services that complement our capabilities to address the challenges our customers face. We are committed to each customer's long-term success and continually strive to deliver not only the best solutions possible but also the best technology, service, support and training.

Core services we offer include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting

Employees:  Your Most Valuable Asset

   We maximize their value through

  • Executive Coaching
    • Individual coaching
    • Team coaching
  • Training
    • Customer Service Training   
    • Leadership Training
    • Valuing Differences
    • HR, Employment Law
    • Time Management
    • Workplace training
    • Managerial Coaching
    • Power of Focus and Gratitude
  • Consulting                
    • Facilitation Services
    • Improving the Customer Experience
    • Team Building Sessions
    • Innovation Mining using LEGO Serious Play Methodology
    • Conference and Program Development

LEGO Serious Play Methodology

Imagine an idea generation process that maximizes the full creativity and imagination within your project team. A process that reaps the complete scope of talents and competencies. An approach that engages your imagination about the future - where you will be, what you will sell, how you will do things, how you will work together. Imagine a result that tells who you are as an organization when it comes to the quality of your innovation. How willing you are to introduce newness and novelties. Do you climb on others' backs or are you able to create the future yourself? Do you have 'sacred cows' that undermine your innovation and prevent you from the ideal new beginning?