Bryant & Associates provides services that complement our capabilities to address the challenges our customers face.

We are committed to each customer’s long-term success and continually strive to deliver not only the best solutions possible but also the best technology, service, support and training.

Our services are focused on  leadership, diversity and inclusion, sales, change management, strategy, customer service, and improved work performance.

Leadership & Management Development Training Solutions


Executive Coaching for Teams & Individuals

  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching

Team Building Sessions





  •  Consulting
    • Facilitation Services
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Team Building Sessions
    • Conference and Program Development

Team Building


Let us work with you to design a fun learning experience for your team.

  • Sessions using Everything DiSC tools to improve communication in the workplace.
  • Innovation Mining sessions using the LEGO Serious Play Methodology

LEGO Serious Play Methodology


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a process that allows participants to communicate more effectively, engage their imaginations readily and approach their work and interactions with each other with increased confidence, commitment and insight. This allows for taking dialogues to deeper levels as well as short cutting to the real issues and new knowledge.  A secondary result of using this process is a team that is energized, more coherent, and communicates better.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique that: – Enables 100% participation from everyone in the group – Gives participants time to think before they speak – Allows for everyone’s insight to be heard and appreciated – Gets all participants to “step up to the plate” and be part of the discussion and decision-making – Helps the listener understand and remember what is being said – Doesn’t favor one particular style of communication – Minimizes the risks for misunderstandings and miscommunications – Helps all participants focus on the message and not the messenger.