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Who Are We?

A collaborative team drawing on consultants with expertise and experience in developing people and high performance teams.  We are a 20 year old organization founded by Yvonne Bryant Johnson, President and CEO.  We work with consultants that embrace the organization’s mission, value and drive to be world class.


Our mission is to help build high performing, talented leaders, engaged employees and effective relationships in the workplace.


We value our customers, partners and employees. We value and embrace integrity, change, innovation and diversity. We believe in giving back to our communities through work and involvement with nonprofit organizations, schools and universities.
Yvonne Bryant Johnson

Yvonne Bryant Johnson

President and CEO

“I am happiest when I see someone I’m working with make a breakthrough.   I care about people.   On any assignment, the first thing I do is establish a trusting relationship so that we can identify issues honestly, establish goals realistically and, if necessary, rethink some basic premises.   You would be surprised at how often assumed goals are rethought and reworked when people feel comfortable about expressing their thoughts.”

Named “One of Atlanta’s Top 100 Black Women of Influence” Ms. Johnson served as Board Chair of the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy and board member of the Atlanta Business League.  Throughout her career and business she has worked with her teams and customers to successfully build high performance teams that deliver on promise and build customer loyalty.  She has had the pleasure of serving the following customers:  Medtronic, The Home Depot, Southern Company, Georgia Power, Georgia Pacific, AGL Resources, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Chick-fil-A, AT&T, The Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta, Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Office of Adoptions, the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Georgia Microenterprise Network (GMEN), Meharry Medical College, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the Arthritis Foundation, Conference of National Black Churches,  and many other corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses.   Over the past three years she has worked closely with Robert Rasmussen to deliver team building sessions to leading edge corporations using the  LEGO Serious Play Methodology.

Prior to founding Bryant & Associates, Ms. Johnson was a Branch Manager for AT&T’s Atlanta Customer Care Organization and Global Sales team and was ranked in the company’s top 2% of customer care and sales employees, which earned her an elite membership in the Leading Legends and Leaders Council. She was also the Director of the Educational Opportunity Program at George Washington University. Ms. Johnson’s educational accomplishments include earning an MBA from Emory University, and attending Johns Hopkins University and the Universities of London and Ghana. She graduated with honors from Spelman College, and in 1996 was one of the first Spelman graduates to receive the Alumnae Achievement Award in business.

Robert Rasmussen

Robert Rasmussen

Key Associate

“Leading an organization is like driving on a dark, unknown road with many twists and turns.  One of the things I do is help you develop the skills to see around the curves and imagine all the possibilities that may await so that you can make better and faster real time decisions.”

Robert Rasmussen is managing director for Robert Rasmussen and Associates.  He is also  director of business development for Tufts Center for Engineering Outreach and co-president for The Center for Balance by Design, a research-based organization committed to providing companies, institutions, and others with the tools to create a more inclusive work culture that combines elements of work, learning, physical design, and living in an integrated and balanced structure.

Robert Rasmussen is a native of Denmark and has a degree in psychology as well as a master’s degree in education from The Royal Danish School of Education in Copenhagen. He has spent his career applying experiences and theories about play, learning, creativity, and teaching and organizational development.

A former employee of LEGO, Robert is a main architect of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. After several years and more than 20 iterations, he and his team developed the concept into the reproducible and robust methodology it is today. He worked for the LEGO Company from 1988 to 2003 and was head of the development team for LEGO MINDSTORMS.

Robert Rasmussen has worked extensively over a 10-year period with designers and researchers at Tufts University and the MIT Media Lab to develop and market hands-on learning tools. Over the past 15 years, he has been asked to speak at numerous conferences and workshops around the world about “hand knowledge” and how to design tools and environments that use this knowledge to optimize learning.

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