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Bryant & Associates

Bryant & Associates, LLC is focused on improving your customer's experience and your  employee's performance in the workplace through executive coaching, training and consulting. Our GOAL is to continue to serve as the partner of choice for organizations that want to build high-performing, customer-focused teams that deliver on the company’s mission, vision and values.

Let us help your employees improve communication and understanding of themselves and others in the workplace with our Everything DiSC Workplace® training.  Watch a clip from Everything DiSC Workplace® and contact us to learn more.   We also are certified LEGO Serious Play facilitators that use LEGO bricks for team building and innovation mining.

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Yvonne Bryant Johnson

■ leader ■ coach ■ customer-centric advisor

Yvonne Bryant Johnson, President and CEO of Bryant & Associates, LLC is well known for being results-driven, a great networker, and a person that inspires and cares for others.  Since her company’s inception in 1998, Ms. Johnson has helped executives, individuals, and organizations achieve their goals in sales, managerial coaching, leadership development, and customer service by skillfully utilizing business expertise gained from over twenty-five years of experience in corporate America.   She is on the faculty of Non-Profit University and serves as a coach in the Executive MBA Program at Kennesaw State University’s Cole College of Business.

Ms. Johnson is a recipient of the Microsoft Diversity Champion Team Award for her work with the Women Build Program, a unique interactive workshop, using LEGO® Bricks to model solutions for growing strong female leaders in the software industry and increasing the number of women in technology.  Learn more about LEGO® Serious Play Methodology

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